November 9, 2008

After Election Day

A thought for Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama.

Note that is in alphabetical order, the way my second grade teacher, Miss Shaw, had us. I was next to Terry Field who died in a car crash with all his family that year, the first time I had known someone who died. I have often thought what would have become of Terry. He was a good kid who had the best handwriting in the class.

Later that same year, my grandfather died. I began to understand that life brought death and with it sadness. And in those days after the deaths and loss, it was a comfort to have family and friends close. So it must be for Mr. McCain and for those who wanted to see him president.

So this thought for both Mr. McCain and and for Mr. Obama as well as for all who voted for each of them, rooted for either of them, as we move ahead.
It comes from Bikeman Canto 37, A Soft Peace:

We are one now,
we must look out for each other,
care for each other. We are one now,
fellow citizens in a city
crushed by anguish and agony.
We are one now, kin in the chaos
as we silently scuff along.

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